No Carb Cauliflower Pizza

I’m so proud of this cauliflower crust pizza I just made. Turned out way better than I expected!! Who would have thought straining cauliflower would be a great substitute for pizza dough??

This is kind of a long process…. so here we go. (It’s well worth the effort)

Cooking time: 1 hour


-1 head of cauliflower
-1 egg
-italian seasoning
-shreaded part skim (or any low fat mozzerlla) mozzerlla cheese
-salt and pepper
-whatever pizza toppings you want

1) wash the head of cauliflower

2) cut into florets

3) grind cauliflower into a food processor
until it looks kind of “rice like” It should look like this

Riced cauli

4) lay it out on cooking paper (wax paper without the wax… or im sure wax paper is fine)
I honestly don’t know what this is called

5) bake at 375 degrees for 15 mins

6) take out the cauliflower and strain it through cheesecloth

7) It will be really hot, so I used rubber kitchen gloves to squeeze it

8) work hard and try to get out as much of the water as you can,
you are left with a ball of dough-looking cauliflower

9) put this “dough” into a bowl and mix in 1 egg, italian seasoing, salt, paper, and mozzrella cheese (about 1/2 cup)
(the cheese will help hold it together when its finished)

10) mix everything together

11) lay it out back onto a new sheet of cooking paper in circles, as you would pizza dough

12) make sure you make 2-3 small pizzas. One big pizza will turn out limp and not hold.

13) cook just the “dough” youve made for an additionaal 15-20 mins at 450 degrees.
Just watch it until it starts to look burned, then take it out

14) add whatever pizza toppings you want. I put spaghetti sauce, cheese, halved cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms

15) cook one last time until the cheese is melted/golden
it takes a while…. you can make the “dough” and store it for later… but once you cook it, its best to eat it right away…. microwaving it will make it really soggy/wet later on.

Credit where credit is due:


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